"Contact details" - name, email address, telephone numbers and postal address

Splash reserves the right to amend this privacy statement at any time.

Account and Resume information
Your Splash account containing your contact details and your resume will be made available for searching and viewing over the Internet by recruiters (employers and employment agencies) who have paid to access such information.

Bear in mind that your current employer may be a recruiter who is a customer of Splash, or a client of one of our customers who is a recruiter. Splash cannot be held responsible for any consequence from the viewing of your contact details and resume.

If you choose to create or upload a resume to our database and include your contact details you will be making such information available to all recruiters who are customers of Splash and you are entirely responsible for any consequences.

Account Deletion
You can remove any of the information that Splash stores about you by logging in to your account and clicking on 'close this account'.

Job Alerts
The Job Alerts service matches job seekers with vacancies advertised on the Splashfiji.com website. Job seekers who subscribe to this service will receive an email containing details of jobs that Splash believes that job seekers may be interested in.

Keeping Your Information Up to Date

You should update your account (contact details and resume) at least every six months. Once your profile is our database we will contact you every six months using your most recent contact details to ask whether you want it to remain on the site. If we do not hear from you, your account may be removed from our database.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove from our database resumes and jobs which include any content that we consider to be offensive or illegal or in the event that a complaint is made where we consider that the complaint has merit.

Aggregation of Information

Splash may aggregate information about users of the website to identify employment trends across different industries such as the number of graduates looking for jobs in particular sectors, and the total number of employers in a particular category advertising jobs. We may make such information publicly available. Information about individual users will not be made available.

We also provide aggregate statistical information about site users to recruiters, advertisers, suppliers and other reputable third parties such as the number of visitors to the site. Again, we will not provide information on individual users of this site.


The site is protected by security devices and 'firewalls'. Transactions are secured using an HShere SSL certificate to encrypt information.

Contacting You About the Operation of the Site or With Marketing Material

We may contact you at any time to inform you with information relevant to the operation of existing aspects of services on the site.

We have the right to send marketing information to you about new or related services or to offer third party services and products if you have indicated that this is permitted when you register or at any later time.